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Assume that it would be good to lose weight

Tall, slender, thirty-five years, a teacher at the institute, have a family, a husband and child. My question is, why did she, in fact, lose weight, Light through thoughtful pause and "well-at" suggested that since it will be easier to buy fashionable clothes and this, which is not fashionable? No, this is too fashionable, but that will be even more fashionable. Realizing that it did not in the clothes, Svetlana began to assume that it would be good to lose weight, because it's like my husband. But it turned out that my husband likes to health? But it is quite healthy.

It is out of fear that the weight could rise further but keeping the weight, quite a different task. There is generally no need for any suffering. In the end, tired of looking for an excuse for their diets, Light in the hearts cried out: "I agree with you, the doctor, the motive, the most important thing, here in this forum, often there is a discussion that is to say to yourself, what would so mislead their brains to just wanted to lose weight permanently and without any breakdowns! ". It turns out that my patient does not really know why she loses weight. But once this occupation persists, then the reason her actions still there, just hidden it from her understanding of the subconscious.

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